The code can run in any console window, including local console window and remote console window based on network. I run the code using Putty by SSH protocal from a MS-Windows PC.The following are three snapshot of the screen. First graph show the track loop status, the second shows the LS fix result, the third shows the Kalman Filter fix result. The Kalman filter is PV-model with 8 states, which are [Pos_x, Pos_y, Pos_z, Vel_x, Vel_y, Vel_z, Bias, Drift].

The 3 displays can be swithed back forth by pressing TAB key. Pressing 'x' key to exit.

The size of console windows must be at least [25X100] to make sure all the information can be displayed. In Putty, just drag the windows corner to make it big enough.